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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vases, vases and more vases....

Here is a selection of Braemore Pottery's wide variety of early "organic" vases, in small to medium sizes.

Squat vase 4 inches (10 cms) tall

Basket Vase 5.5 inches (14 cms) tall

Small wattle vase 6 inches (15 cms) tall

Medium footed vase 6 inches (15 cms) tall

Ribbed base vase 7 inches (18 cms) tall

Medium squat vase 5 inches (13 cms) tall

Applied flower vase with fluted top 5 inches (13 cm) tall

Pair fluted top vases

Medium handled vase 6inches (15 cms) tall

Medium vase applied flower 6 inches (15 cm) tall

Pair applied flower vases

Flame shaped vase Blue/green 7 inches (18 cms) tall

Flame shaped yellow vase 7 inches (18 cms) tall

Pair flame shaped vases

Braemore Wall Vases

Braemore made a few wall vases, I have seen a couple of these but only have one in my collection

Impressive Size, Shape and Colour

A lot of early Braemore pottery is of impressively large proportions, and would have taken pride of place in any setting. These vases are a sample of the range made.

This is my largest piece, measures 12.5 inches high (32 cms)

Native Flannel Flowers - 12 inches (30 cms) tall

This vase stands 10.5 inches (27 cms) tall

Magnificent jug vase with gumnuts and gum leaves 8 inches (20 cms) high

Detail of above jug

Large jug shaped vase with gumnuts and gum leaves 9 inches (23 cms) tall

Detail of above vase

Large asymmetrical vase with wattle, measures 11.5 inches (29 cms) high
Measures 13 inches (33 cms) tall (owned by a friend, used with permission)

I have 2 of these vases, measuring 10.5 inches (27 cms) tall

Trough Vases - organic form and colour

Braemore made a small range of trough vases in this style, the only piece I have that is marked is the large trough with burgundy flowers. The smaller troughs are from the same mold but with wonderfully different glaze colours.

These trough vases measure 13 inches (33 cms) long

This trough measures 14 inches long (36 cms)

Braemore "Organic" Range

Braemore Pottery operated out of Waitara in Sydney, NSW from 1939 to 1973, and was owned and operated by Russel Cowan. Not a lot of information is available on this pottery but it seems some of the earlier pieces produced were a variety of slip cast vases with leaves and flowers molded onto the piece. These were produced in a small range of colours including greens, browns, yellows and blues that were reflective of Australian bush, as was the flora depicted on these pieces. Later through its production life, Braemore pottery made more formal wares, for example plates and vases with small handpainted flowers, and vases in formal shapes such as urns, and towards the end of its time it was merged with the German pottery Carstens and produced a range of typical German style pottery that is very collectable today as retro decor items in their own right.

My collection however, is concentrated on what I like to characterise as Braemore's "organic" range. The newspaper advertisement shown here that features some of this range is from April 1954. I have only one piece that has an embossed signature of the base, but these pieces are so similar in colour and feel that there is no mistaking one when you come across it. They are further identified by a small coloured dot and initials scratched on the base of most pieces, which identified the decorator at the pottery. I hope you enjoy the following photos of my collection.


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